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The Top 3 US Airports for Private Jets in 2023

To answer the question on everyone’s mind: Yes, private jets  use the same airports as commercial airliners. If anything, TopJet’s aircraft have access to more airports because they aren’t massive Airbuses carrying hundreds of passengers in a single leg.

That said, not all airports are created equally, and the ones in the States are no exception. The following US airports top the list, and for good reason.

1. Teterboro Airport

You may remember Teterboro Airport as the place Tom Hanks’ Captain Sullenberger chose not to land in the movie Sully.

However, we know it as one of the busiest airports for private jets in New York City. The airport is a frequent landing base for celebrities, business executives, tech moguls, and other high-priority individuals, all benefiting from the convenience and exclusivity of private jets.

It has not one or two but five fixed-base operators (FBOs), each offering top-notch services tailored to private jet travelers’ needs. An FBO is a private organization allowed to operate at an airport, providing a range of services including:

Refueling Hangar accommodations Parking Aircraft rental services Aircraft repair and maintenance Flight instructions

A Corporate Executive in a Turtleneck and Slacks Looking Out of the Window of their Private Jet While Using a Laptop Computer

2. Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport holds a special place in our hearts because it’s in Florida, a state serving as the home base for our private jet charter services. The airport shattered several records in 2022 by serving more than 50.6 million passengers.

Although busy, the private jet area affords more privacy, with the airport letting such passengers disembark at the slightly less busy General Aviation Terminal. It isn’t all that far from the main airport and also offers the following amenities for those indulging in private jets:

Hot showers VIP lounge Concierge services Endless views of aircraft taking off and landing, one after another.

3. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport made it to our list of the top US airports for one reason: It has two conference rooms!

If you are a corporate executive who can’t afford to sit, walk, or wait idly by while traveling, you can help yourself to one of the two conference rooms or take your work into the airport’s spacious lounge, all while enjoying the luxury of private jets.

Your stay at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport will leave you with fond memories, thanks to the following:

Excellent menu and catering Robust Wi-Fi connection Rental car services Television and other forms of entertainment

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Who wouldn’t want to fly when they have such exquisite destinations and waypoints to look forward to?

Eschew the first-class treatment for VIP treatment with TopJet, a Europe-based private jet charter service with 25 years of private aviation and customer service to recommend it. Welcome the American leg of our journey by booking an affordable private jet rental from the comfort of your home!

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