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Each flight is unique and priced based on many factors such as aircraft type, flight time, seasonality, etc. To give a rough idea, the typical price for a return trip from Miami to New York for 6 passengers on a Mid-size jet is approximately $25k + Tax.

The number of passengers a private jet can accommodate varies depending on the size and configuration of the aircraft and it usually ranges between 4 to 16 passengers.

One of the many advantages of chartering a private jet is that you are not limited by commercial routes or destinations: we can take you wherever you want, as long as a suitable landing strip is available.

We suggest booking your flight about one month before departure in order to have the best chance to find an available aircraft – however, Topjet can arrange last-minute flights in less than 2 hours.

Absolutely, your pets are always welcome on board.

Baggage capacity depends on the type of aircraft and the number of people on board. We suggest a medium/large rollaboard and a handbag/backpack for each passenger on a fully booked mid-size jet. Regulations on restricted items are similar to Commercial Airlines. Please check our PDF for guidance.

Private jet charters adhere to rigorous safety measures and certifications to ensure passenger safety. These include compliance with national aviation authorities' regulations, adherence to international safety standards, regular aircraft maintenance and inspections, qualified and experienced pilots, comprehensive safety training programs, and adherence to industry best practices.

Absolutely. We tailor-make each flight to the needs of our Clients. Feel free to let us know of any type of request.

The cancellation policy depends on the type of flight and seasonality. Usually, no penalty fees are applied for cancellations before 72h from departure. If the flight is canceled on our end due to technical issues or weather conditions, we will do our very best to find an equal or better solution swiftly. If this is not possible, you will be refunded the entire amount of the flight within 24h.

On-demand private jet charter provides the most flexibility and freedom to tailor your private jet travel to your immediate requirements, with no up-front costs or ownership responsibilities. You can choose between a wide range of aircraft and only pay for what you need.

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