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Private Jets and the Color White: 5 Reasons

Have you ever noticed that the majority of private jets are white in color? While it may seem like a simple aesthetic choice, painting a private jet white has some major practical benefits. As a leading private jet charter company, we have discussed some key reasons for this.

Increased Safety

White color doesn’t fade the way other colors do despite being exposed to the sun’s rays at high altitudes. This way, it’s easier for aircraft management companies to spot any damage, leaks, and cracks on a white surface. It allows them to identify any hazards and always keep the jet in perfect condition. As a result, white-colored private jets are safer and easier to maintain.

Thermal Advantage

Out of all the colors, only white has the ability to reflect light without absorbing it. This is especially beneficial for jets because the color helps them reflect the sun’s harsh rays when flying at high altitudes. This keeps the cabin cooler even during the daytime. Some airframes specifically require white paint on their upper surface to maintain a certain temperature inside.

Using high-quality white paint with composite material also protects jets from harmful U.V. rays, minimizing maintenance and repair costs.


Painting the jet white is good for the environment. Painting jets add weight to the plane’s body, increasing the fuel it burns to reach certain heights. As a result, painting it white lets jets consume less fuel, which greatly benefits the environment.

Resale Value

White jets have a higher charter and resale value because the color white is associated with elegance, luxury, and sophistication. Moreover, it provides a blank canvas for the buyer to add whatever they wish or keep it as it is. All this lets you sell white private jets at a premium price.

The Perfect Canvas for Branding

Another great advantage of a white-colored private jet is that it offers a blank canvas for branding and advertising purposes. For instance, Qatar Airways signed a deal with F.C Barcelona and featured the club’s flag and emblem on its livery.

Besides all these practical benefits, white-colored private jets have a traditional appeal. Passengers automatically feel secure and comfortable flying in them.

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