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TopJet: Bringing Italian Sophistication To Private Aviation In The US

In an exclusive interview with Dino Rasero, Founder and President of TopJet, we delve into the essence of this innovative private aviation company that has seamlessly merged Italian sophistication with the American skies.

“TopJet has always been about more than just flying—it’s about crafting experiences,” Rasero begins, reflecting on the company’s 25-year journey. “From the outset, we’ve prioritized safety, reliability, and comfort, ensuring that every aspect of our service exceeds expectations.”

Conveniently situated at Opa-Locka airport within the Fontainebleau Aviation FBO, TopJet’s presence in the United States marks a significant milestone. Rasero emphasizes the company’s dedication to delivering unparalleled luxury to clients, seamlessly blending Italian heritage with a global reach. “Our commitment to elegance and efficiency remains unwavering, whether our clients are embarking on a short hop to the Bahamas or planning a trip to the other side of the ocean,” he asserts.

With a team operating round-the-clock, TopJet prides itself on being readily available to assist clients even beyond their aviation needs. “Our full concierge service caters to every request,” Rasero explains. “From ground transportation to exclusive accommodations or events, we take care of every detail, allowing our clients to simply relax and enjoy their journey.”

The recent launch of the TopJet app further demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation and convenience. “Our app allows clients to browse a curated selection of private jet options directly from trusted operators,” Rasero notes. “It’s about providing ultimate flexibility and convenience at your fingertips.”

But for Rasero, TopJet is more than a private aviation company—it’s a trusted partner in luxury travel. ” Not only do we offer our clients access to a vast top-notch fleet of private jets and helicopters, but, above all, we prioritize keeping our promises. We deliver what we assure and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

As our conversation draws to a close, it’s evident that TopJet stands out as exceptional. Rasero extends a final invitation: “Join us as we elevate travel to new heights. Get in touch with our team, and we will assign you a dedicated Jet Specialist who will showcase the boundless possibilities with TopJet.”

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